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Bridging Loans

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What is a Bridging Loan?

A bridging loan serves as a temporary financial solution until permanent financing is secured or existing debts are settled. These short-term loans typically span between 6 months and 1 year. They are commonly utilized to facilitate the purchase of a new home before the sale of an existing one.

While many home sellers traditionally wait until their current property is under contract before making an offer on a new house, a bridging loan offers an alternative approach. This financial tool allows individuals to access the necessary funds for acquiring a new home, even if the sale of their current property is still pending.

In situations where homeowners need to swiftly transition between homes, a bridging loan becomes valuable in bridging the financial gap. Moreover, in competitive real estate markets, this type of loan empowers buyers to make offers without the contingency of selling their existing property.

It is essential to recognize that a bridging loan is not formulated to substitute long-term financing, like a traditional mortgage. Instead, it is classified as a type of non-mortgage or specialty financing, diverging from the structure of a conventional mortgage.

Common uses of bridging loans

Bridging loans are versatile financial instruments that serve various purposes in different situations. Some common uses of bridging loans include: 

Real Estate Transactions

Business Purposes

Down Payments new home

Property Purchase (before sale)

Conversions and extensions


Avoiding Loan Penalties

Capital raising

Property Development

Auction purchases

Investment Opportunities

Land acquisitions

Avoiding Contingencies

Debt Consolidation

Inheritance or Probate 

Business Acquisition

Compare loans from 80+ bridging finance lenders in minutes , and get finance approved in days not weeks

Bridging Loan Features

A bridging loan possesses distinctive characteristics that make it a unique financial instrument:

Let´s work together

When considering a bridging loan with us, several factors distinguish our offerings and make them a compelling choice. Here are some reasons why selecting a bridging loan with us may be advantageous:

Before selecting a bridging loan with us, we encourage you to thoroughly review the terms, ask any questions you may have, and ensure that the loan aligns with your financial objectives. Please contact one of our experienced advisors for further guidance.

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